I s-s-squished it, I squished it…

I s-s-squished it, I squished it…

hi sorry to bother you i just wanted to say that you've also inspired me to make my own fanime!! its gonna be a slice of life about 4 boys who go to a witch school that start a band and compete with a band from a magical boy school. each member of the band has their own element they wield while performing and yeah i have the basic story done but idk where to go from there like how do i start scripting and like finding vas? also would anyone even want to watch it???

that sounds really fucking amazing right there.

hmm you dont know rlly how to start it.. uhm.. well its good you have the basic story!! that means you know how its going to end and how it’ll begin.(HOPEFULLY)

scripting: is important!! Make sure you know your characters, how they act, how they react, do they react to loud noises or not? that makes it easier to script situations with them. Make sure that there is sort of a “natural introduction” so the viewers know the characters names in episode one! an example would be them in the classroom and saying each others names “I didn’t know yo were into that, CHAD.” “Yeah it’s my hobby, MARK.” “What about you SARAH. do you like that?”
Or you could just show their names sliding in like i do because i am lazy and bad at everything lol.
Once you’ve done an ‘okay everyones names have been said’ kinda thing you can continue with episode 1!! and 2 and 3 and 4. I’d advise that scripting a couple of episodes at a time is VERY good because it makes the episodes flow together instead of you taking some shit and just kinda plopping it down on the spot. It also lets your voice actors know, there is going to be more and that they will be needing to record more than just once.

Uhm when I give the script out to my voice actors, I usually use google docs. I can color code each character so people know who’s color is who’s and i can also write little small notes to know what i want animated at that part. Also writing little emotions in parentheses is good if you want them to know what kinda emotion to convey at the scene.

(If you need more help on scripting specific scenes or wanting ideas I can also help!)

finding voice actors: how to find voice actors is a little hard but not really, you can post a video on youtube titled (name of fanime here: Auditions Open! Voices needed!) Or something like that, explaining your passionate burning need to make a fanime and showing what the characters look like
(important to show what they look like because they want the voice to fit with the character)!! explaining what range you would like for them is important, and what kidna of personality they have is nice because itll give them a feel of what kinda tone to use. (they’re gentle and shy. They’re firey and flamboyant.)

You can go on btva!(http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/) A voice acting site for amateurs and pros!! You can put your project as original project and explain what it is in the description.

"Hello this is my project i intend to animate! People would call it a fanime! I’ll be animating it and here’s the summory of the story blah blah blah" Whether it’s a serious animation or just a story for fun to put out there would be important to note so people don’t think you’re… trolling. haha. give examples of what its like and shit idk.

Then you’ll have character slots I think? images of the characters are 130x139 icons and have to be jpeg (boo) and int he description put-
range type: (ex: deep/ medium highish/ low rough/ scratchy/ smooth)
Personality: they’re super fricking happy and sort of creepy! blah blah you can add more or not its up to you

There’s also Voice acting allience, sort of the same as btva except it’s forum based and people send you auditions through email.

Or you can just ask your friends!!!

Or make a post here on tumblr asking for fanime voice actors, tagging is important lol tag it as #fanime #fanime help #fan anime #fanimation #original anime #voice #voice acting #my anime #blah blah blah idk what else

MAKE SURE TO ALSO MAKE IT obvious that there will multiple episodes if there is, and that you make deadlines for when the lines are due when you have your cast!! Getting lines from people is hard. but putting deadlines for it is a gr8 way for them to know when to give them to you!! (dont be like me i kinda just take lines whenever HAHA)

Your fanime!: Sounds very fucking cool and always be proud of your story. Make sure to go through it 200% and always think of new stuff for it (habits for your charaters/what their rooms look like/ quirks/ scenes) it’ll help you be pumped for your project and PLEASE HAVE CONFIDENCE!! YOU’RE SUPER AWESOME FOR WANTING TO TAKE TIME AND MAKE A STORY AND PUT IT OUT THERE!! YOU’RE FUCKING GNARLY AS HECK!! ROCK ON!!

I’m sure your anime will be hecka cool

let me know if you want more help!!


just finished playing AA5; so I wanted to do a quick doodle of simon!! (´;ω;`)


i talk a lot of shit for someone who can’t choose rude dialogue options in games because i’m scared of hurting a characters feelings


whrere is my otaku princes„s„



Fuji Hiroyuki — Yume no Hanabira


Fuji Hiroyuki — Yume no Hanabira

i like the moon